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Esnagami Lodge 2017

Manitou Weather Station Anniversary
Big Musky
Burning Muskie

2014 Trophy Club

Esnagami Lodge 25th Anniversary
Trophy Club
Beaver Versus Muskie
2012 Catch and Release Esnagami Lodge

Demon Muskie
Esnagami Lodge Trophy Club
Catch 'em, Kiss 'em and Let 'em Go
Muskie Sitting and Relaxing in a Chair

Muskie in a Chair
Sturgeon Capital of the World
Heavy Metal Lures
Rock the Docks

MacKinnon Tackle
Muskie Madness
Welcome to my World

Hook Up
Muskoka Glass Ghost Lures
That Big Fat Bass
That Big Fat Muskie

Lunge on the Wing
Vermilion Bay Lodge
25th Anniversary
Esnagami Lodge Trophy Club

Northern Pike
"Sorry Muskie
Shock the Shoals

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