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The Rising Sun Charters
Musky Hunter Magazine, March 2017
Weed Line Zing The Bling
River Slicks Lures
Tuff Shad Logo

Spinnerbait Attack
Old Guy Fishing
Old Guy Fishing - Full Colour
Thundering Hooves
Thirsty Pike

I Can Do It Too!
Magnificent Seven Muskie Lures
Bull Perch Rodeo
Portrait of Frankenstein's Monster
Portrait of Young Robert Crumb
Mayor Ford Meets Justin Bieber

Canada's News Maker of the Year - 2013
Wise Monkeys and Mayor Ford
Stuck Like a Pike
Royal Winter Fair
Campfire Conversation

After Heart Sugery
Largemouth Bass: Close Encounter
ESOX Outfitters
Smuttly Dog Baits Lures

Woman Figurative Drawing
F35 Jet Eats Pentagon
Gerke's Jerkies

A Day in the Life of a Muskie 1 of 3
A Day in the Life of a Muskie 2 of 3
A Day in the Life of a Muskie 3 of 3
Plunging Fortunes of Tech. Companies
Muskie Theme Christmas Cards

Garlic Gourmet
King Of Gold - Designed for I AM GOLD
Portrait of Bill Craig's World Record Longest Muskies
REAL, Canadian Kids Magazine
CBC a News Gathering Place

Heavy Metal Lures - Wisconsin
Earth Day Celebration 2011
Muskie Head Pencil Portrait
Rainbow Trout Pencil Portrai
Internal Organs of a Pumpkinseed

Know Your Food
Cover Artwork
Seasons of the Muskie Angler
Canadian Record Muskie
Huskie Muskie

Caribou and Quadrunner
Rainbow Trout Fish Food 1
Rainbow Trout Fish Food 2
The Ballad of Kitty La Catte 1
The Ballad of Kitty La Catte 2

The Ballad of Kitty La Catte 3
Moon and Sun Mythology 1
Moon and Sun Mythology 2t
Moon and Sun Mythology 3

Pike Mythology 1
Pike Mythology 2
Chasin 50 Guide Service
Chaudiere Lodge
Muskie Splash on the Internet

Sennett Tackle Company Logo
Collection of Sportfish
Fish Cartoons
Shane's Big Muskie
Largemouth Bass

Smallmouth Bass
Ice Fisherman Dumping Minnows
Muskie Cartoon
Old Mercy and New Justice Meet

Leave Your Smiles on Shore
The Reason Women Ride Motorcycles
Canadian Peregrine Foundation
New Logo for Electric Beaver

Postcard for Vermilion Bay Lodge - Front
Postcard for Vermilion Bay Lodge - Back
Woodie Lures of Windsor Logo
Large Mouth Bass

Muskie Train
Musky Striker.com Logo
Black Lab
Dogs Gambling

Old British Motorcycles
Drug Cartoon
Filmstrip Head
Joe Flo's Musky Tackle
Muskie Cartoon, Relax and Unwind

Wrestling Pipelines
Hockey Pool
Truck Fuel
Canadian Legal Aid

Shark Attack Debt Load
Santa Goe Fly Fishing
Husky and Stock
Fighting on the Cover

Some Little Musky Story
Bass Fishing Tournament
Muskie Derby Over
Sinking Liberals

Rodeo Romance
Vermilion Bay Lodge Brochure
Charles Weiss Self Portrait
Charles Weiss Artwork Logo
Art For Wandering Aengus

Ottawa River
Canada's Security Concept 1
Canada's Security Concept 2
Youth Violence

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