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Trembling Jitter Walker
River Racer
Northern Pike Blasting a Fly

Something in the Water
Beneath the Surface Bite
Canadian Lilypad Muskie
Tilting at Spinning Blades

Weed Line Zing The Bling
Busting the Surface: Chinook Salmon
Chain Pickerel of Nove Scotia
Shaking a Jake Crank Bait

Musky Assault on the Rocks
River Slick Explosion
Tuff Attack
Muskie Rising
Muskie: On Point

Colourful Fall Fish
Edge of Night Bite
Kaleidoscope Pike
No Escape for the Dawg

Double Blade Muskie Freak Out
Sudden Muskie Toothache
Surface Muskie Magic
Hooked and Surfacing

Muskie Attack
Leaping Pigeon Lake Muskie
Toronto Harbor Gathering
Striper Surface Attack

Hooked Leaping Largemouth
Walleye Close-Up
Musky: Big Bite
Close Encounter
Froggy Splash - Smallmouth Bass

Slow Rising - Largemouth Bass
Surface Dust-up
Weedline Rampage
Stillwater Shattered
Rocky Edge Muskie

Tiger Splash
Jerkie Splash
Double Trouble
Airborne Tiger Musky
High Intensity Strike

Lake Dictator Attacks
The Muskie and the Legend Lure and Joe Flo
Double Blade Slash
Float Plane Pike
Chinook Salmon: River's Edge Strike

Atlantic Salmon at River's Edge
Flying Tiger
Waterwolf Surfacing
Pike Portrait
Nesting in Muskie Jaws

School 'N Shad Attack
Brook Spinner Attack
Northen Pike Attack
Leaping Smallmouth Bass
Lucky Strike Golden Shiner Walleye

Muskie: The Chase Begins
Bass Chasing a Blue Gill off it's Nest
Small Brook Trout
Northern Pike Chasing a Perch

Perch Mayhem
Caught in the Long Beak
Quiet Moment Muskie
Black Crappie on the Fly
Northwest Walleye Action

Speckle Splash
Teelhead Splendour
Coho Salmon on the Fly
Muskie and Pike of the Northwoods
Many Different Trout

Sunset Hawg Splash
Atlantic Salmon
Nitewalker Stalker
Orange Crusher

Muskie Jig in the Jungle
Phantom Wiggle
Aggressive Water Wolf
Northern Pike Attack on Weed Edge

The Walleye
Swamp Splash
Muskie Snack Sucker Swim Bait
Strike with Double Bunny

The Giant Muskie
Double Delta Blade Muskie
Tiger Muskie Swirl
Muskie with a Fall Side Salad
Lunge on the Wing

Small Mouth Bass Rising on the Fly
Wided Eyed Muskie
Jumping Steelhead
Brown Trout, Rising to the Fly
Giant NWT Lake Trout

Lilypad Panic Attack
Swamp Donkey Hot Bite
Pumpkinseed Peril
Steelhead and Stonefly

Queen of the Moccasin Bar
Sternside Strike
Sweet Surrenderl
Depth Charger Muskie

Loon Dilemma
Leaping Pike
Lake Trout on the Fly
Instant Muskie Decision

Surface Attack
Canoe Smallmouth Bass
Welcome To The Jungle Large Mouth Bass
Sunfish Chased
Brookie Rising

Bass Weed Edge Strike
Bass Boogee
Strike King Spinnerbait Bass
St. Claire Slammer Muskie
Racing Smallmouth Bass

Walleye Shoal Attack
Steelhead Antisipation
Big Bass Surface Grab
2009 Bass Calendar

Nine Muskie Lures
Bass Release
Rock Walleye"
Ol'e Muskie Sign
Smallmouth Bass Lures

Jitter Bug Lure
Joint Vamp Lure
Creek Chub Lure
Globe Surface Lure

Sunrise Surface Action
Perch With a Jerk
Lung on the Wing
Canadian Sport Fishing
Bass Spinner Bait Splash
Swimmin Free

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