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Charles Weiss with his Pike Carving

Largemouth Bass With Personality
Chain Pickerel 1 of 2
Chain Pickerel 2 of 2
Tiger Muskie - 55 inches long

Brook Trout Carving
Float Plane With Muskie Pontoons
Float Plane With Muskie Pontoons
Thursty Pike
Lake Trout

Black Crappie
Musky Crush
Chinook Salmon
Chinook Salmon

Sunset Lake Reflection Muskie - Right Side
Sunset Lake Reflection Muskie - Right Side
Lake St. Clair Muskie
Amazing Salmon Wood Carving - 31 Inches Long

Muskie Crush
Muskie Crush
Rainbow Trout Bookendsr
Muskie Bookends

Tiger Muskie - 32 inches
Moose Antler Muskie
Arctic Char - 22 inch Length
Giant Brook Trout - 33 inch Length

Giant Smallmouth Bass - 28 inch Length
Rainbow Trout 1 of 2
Rainbow Trout 2 of 2
Gord Pyzer as a Smallmouth Bass

First Mate Lures
First Mate Lures
First Mate Lures
Fishy Santas
Panfish Carving
Book End Pike Carving

Metre Long Laker
Metre Long Laker
Wood Pike Carving - 54 inches
Arctic Grayling

Delightful Panfish 1 of 3
Delightful Panfish 2 of 3
Delightful Panfish 3 of 3
Pike Carving 1 of 2
Pike Carving 2 of 2

Muskie and Santa
Pike and Santa
Brown Trout
Walleye and Muskie Fishing Trophies

Wood Panfish
Striped Bass - View 1
Striped Bass - View 2
Trophy Walleye

Yellow Perch and Walleye
Fishing Trophies
Decorative Garden Birds

Long Nose Gar
Muskie on the Mind
Muskie Splash

Lake Trout - Side View
Lake Trout - Head View
Lake Trout - Gill View

Charles and his Giant Muskie
Muskie Chair - Front View
Muskie Chair - Side View
Bass Chair - Front View
Bass Chair - Side View
Bass Chair - Back View
Brook Trout Chair

Charles and His Wooden Muskie
Tiger Muskie
Gord the Walleye
Joe's Muskie

Stuck on Bass 1
Stuck on Bass 2
Trophy Walleye
Two Bass Strike One Lure

Brook Trout
Chris Marshall The Brown Trout
Trophy Muskie

Tiger Woods Muskie
Tiger Muskie
Salmon Queen

John Kerr Walleye
Wood Moose Head
Wood Pike and Bass

Pike Chair
Diana Krall as a Pike
Bobby Izumi Bass Carving

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